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Year: 1924
Page: 15
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SKCS Yearbook 1924•15 South Kortright Central School Almedian


team is allowed to practice only one night in the week and then only for one hour, and the Board of Education has very judiciously limited the use of the gymnasium for social activities on basket ball nights to eleven o'clock and on other nights to twelve o'clock, and in addition these activities are arranged at the week end. In these ways their studies are not interfered with and scholarship is placed first.

A course of religious education has been carried on during the year in both grades and High School upon the initiative of all the denominations in the community. The Board and teachers have all co-operated commendably beliving that one object of education is to build character.

Our new school building is admired by all visitors to Hobart. It shows that the community is progressive and wide-awake. The Board of Education and all the people of Hobart can well congratulate themselves that they now have a school building which contains an auditorium 60x40 feet that will hold an audience of 400 and large enough for the accomodation of all the people who wish to attend any of the school functions; also a building equipped with the latest facilities for doing work. It is indeed a pleasure for teachers and scholars to work in such a splendid environment.

An excellent school spirit has prevailed throughout the school year. Teachers and students have co-operated in a splendid manner and I wish to take this opportunity to thank them.

The Board of Education has manifested a very kind, helpful and encouraging attitude. The patrons of the school, generally, have also shown a favorable interest. It is to be hoped that this condition may continue and that even better results for the Hobart High School may be realized. Our chief aim in education is to develope character and to so educate the scholors that they can adapt themselves successfully to whatever environment


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