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Year: 1955
Page: 38
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SKCS Yearbook 1955•38 South Kortright Central School Almedian
SKCS Yearbook 1955•38 South Kortright Central School Almedian


Front row: Douglas Ackerly, Richard Nesbitt, Mr. Palm, advisor, John Adams, Cecil Cairns.

Second row: John Murphy, Edwin Brainerd, Frank Chapman, George Melin, Henry Sander, Martin Van Buren, Dennis Hill.

Third row: James Nesbitt, Richard Milewski, Charles Reed, Robert Cairns, Richard Lutz, Aubert Mason, Ronald Kissner.

Last spring the group attended the County meeting. John Adams was elected treasurer and Richard Nesbitt was elected vice-president.

in July the boys had a meeting with their fathers as guests.

On the way down to Walton Fair the boys had a meeting. They had a safety and poultry exhibit at the fair.

In October John Adams and Richard Nesbitt went to Kansas City to attend the National Convention of the F.F.A.

John Adams, Henry Sander, and Richard Nesbitt are applying for Empire Farmer Award.

The officers this year are:
President -- John Adams
Vice-president -- Richard Nesbitt
Treasurer -- Douglas Ackerly
Secretary -- Cecil Cairns
Reporter -- George Melin
Sentinel -- Frank Chapman



Front row: Mary Lutz, Barbara Thompson, Annis Reed, Barbara Rosecrans, Mary Anne Frazier, Louise Truax, Miss Tyrell, advisor.

Second row: Harriet Kelsey, Lorraine Brainerd, Shirley Miller, Doreen Hitchcock, Donna Champlin, Velma Craft, Ida Quackenbush, Shirley Whispell.

Third row: Juanita Graig, Mary roe, Annette Sturgess, Lucy Kosier, Barbara Stowe, Betty Whispell, Ruth Muthig.

The FHA chapter of this school is glad to have 22 members this year and they hope to have a successful year. The officers of the FHA, this year are as follows: President, Annis Reed; Vice-president, Barbara Thompson; Secretary, Barbara Rosecrans; Treasurer, Louise Truax; Historian, Mary Anne Frazier; News Reporter, Mary Anne Frazier; Parlimentarian, Mary Louise Lutz; Song Leader, Juanita Graig.

This laslt summer, Doris Wheeler and Mary Anne Frazier attended the National FHA Convention which was held at Durham, New Hampshire. This took place June 27 to July 2, 1954. At this convention, Doris and Mary Anne received many ideas which they brought back to the local and county chapters. They were very glad that they could go on this nice trip and hope that this next summe rsome more of the FHA members could go on a tirp similar to this one. They wish to thank everyone that made the trip possible.

Some of the activities that the FHA chapter planned to do were bake sales, a social night once a month, Thanksgiving and christmas parties, for the kindergarten, FHA Christmas party, rented pillows at the basketball games, treats for the Nursing Homes in this locality, community projects installation of officers and initiation of new members, and many other projects.


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