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Year: 1955
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SKCS Yearbook 1955•0 South Kortright Central School Almedian
SKCS Yearbook 1955•0 South Kortright Central School Almedian

Front row: Mrs. Walter Hanselmann, Mrs. Fredd Hitt, Mrs. Clyde Cornell, Mrs. Ward Rosecrans, Mrs. Nelson Thompson, Mrs. George Many, Mrs. Everett Adams, Mrs. Robert Adams, Mrs. Wilhelm Sander, Mrs. Robert Preston.

Second row: Mr. Clyde Cornell, Mr. Ward Rosecrans, Mr. Nelson Thompson, Mr. George Many, Mr. Everett Adams, Mr. Robert Adams, Mr. Wilhelm Sander.

Third row: Mr. Charles Reed, Mrs. Charles Reed, Mr. Hillis Johnson, Mrs. Hillis Johnson, Mr. George Skog, Mrs. George Skog, Mr. Walter Brockway, Mrs. Walter Brockway, Mr. Bruce Nesbitt, Mrs. Bruce Nesbitt.



We, the class of 1955, take great pleasure in dedicating this, our yearbook, to our parents who have given us so much in understanding, enthusiasm, helpfulness, and cooperation in our years at school.


E. A. Burke - Supervising Principal

M. C. Carpenter - District Superintendent


Seated: Bruce Nesbitt, Edwin Doig, Ralph Murdock, Donald Rose, Treasurer.

Standing: James Cowan, Vice-President, George Many, President, Lester Rowe, Clerk.


The 1955 Almedian - South Kortright Central School Yearbooks - SKCS 1955 Almedian